“Slothlove” Book for preorder!

Sam Trull, the photographer, sloth rehabilitator (including being involved in the famous 1st-ever sloth C-section), and creator of my favourite blog Primatography (also on Tumblr) is now trying to publish her beautiful “Slothlove” photobook.

Slothlove is a 100-page art-and-photography book full of beautiful sloth photos, inspirational stories and interesting sloth facts.

“For Slothlove, I have compiled my absolute best sloth photos and paired them with inspirational stories of survival, heartbreaking tales of loss, and interesting sloth facts; my goals are to help people appreciate these amazing animals for more than their obvious cuteness and to inspire a desire to help protect all wildlife and natural habitats.”primatography foot

Through the crowd-funding site Inkshares, Slothlove is available to preorder NOW. Once the goal of $11,000 is reached (it’s already at 90%!) the book can be published. There’s only a week left, so GET ORDERING! Prices start at just $15. SLOTHLOVE Book rendering


One thought on ““Slothlove” Book for preorder!

  1. Sarah

    YAY! Sam Trull reached her goal and raised 104% of the required amount to get Slothlove published. Look out for it sometime soon!

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