Sloth gets a C-Section to save baby

The Kids Saving the Rainforest Sanctuary in Costa Rica found an injured pregnant sloth after she fell out of a tree:

The sloth was badly injured… The baby had breached, or flipped over in the mother’s uterus. The only way to save it was to remove it via a C-section. The 30-minute procedure saved both the mother and child’s lives, although the baby sloth is currently struggling with some lung problems. This is the first known sloth C-section.csectionsloth2Csectionsloth

Read the entire article here.

2 thoughts on “Sloth gets a C-Section to save baby

  1. Sarah

    Unfortunately, I’ve now found out that
    “the baby had a heart murmur and possible lung problems, and was not feeding properly. It died on 8 October, a week after its birth. The mother seemed to be improving but then had a stroke. She died the day after the baby.” ( Sad news.

  2. […] Trull, the photographer, sloth rehabilitator (including being involved in the famous 1st-ever sloth C-section), and creator of my favourite blog Primatography (also on Tumblr) is now trying to publish her […]

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