Family-filled weekend

On the weekend (I know, I didn’t post anything… bad girl) I had my sister and niece stay over at my house Saturday night. Then on Sunday we all saw extended family. Then had dinner at the boy’s parent’s place on Sunday night. So it was a family-filled weekend for sure!

It’s very cute, but my niece claims to love anything that I love. She “loves” Harry Potter and has the costume (admittedly which I gave her), movies, etc. She also “loves” sloths! Haha positive influences much? Anyway, I have a small number of sloth books on my book case at home, and she decided to read them all in the car on the way to see family Sunday. THEN when she finishes them all, you know what she says?

I love sloths. I love them even more than  you, Aunty Sarah.

Now, I’m happy she loves sloths. And they say that mimickry is the highest form of flattery. But…..uhh… nuh-uh. I don’t think so sista. Watch yo-self. sloth-kiss-many

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