Last night Australia beat South Korea 2-1 to win the final of the Asian Cup. It’s the Socceroos’ first major win. Although I made an exception for this match, I don’t really get into soccer… as much as I love slow sloths, soccer just doesn’t do it for me in the pace stakes. Still, I did scout out these shirts from Spread Shirt , which handily also come in green or gold so you can support Australia in their next endeavour! sloth soccer shirt

Also check out Zazzle for a bunch of merch featuring this design.

Sloth on a Bike

Back in Slothsgivings, Buzzfeed challenged its writers/readers to draw a sloth on a bicycle. Just because. Of course. There were some… interesting… illustrations. (View them all here.)slothbikepic

But I think Dark Cycle Clothing has to take the cake for its incredible Sloth on a Bike on a Tshirt. Wowsa.slothshirtbikeI should point out that I DON’T ride a bike. I do have an exercise bike at home, slightly collecting dust, but one of these days I WILL ride it! However I think (even though it’s proverbially wrong) that I’ve forgotten how to ride a bike. I feel like if I tried, I’d fall. So, bully for you if you know/enjoy riding but unfortunately it’s not for me!!