2 thoughts on “Slittens: Now in wearable form!

  1. […] Shirts have now taken down their (apparently unofficial) Slitten merch, but you can still order a lot of slothy goodness from their website! For example, these swaggy […]

  2. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!! I LOVE sloths ………………………. I LOVE slittens! because slittens is love …. slittens is life! And I was mourning because I was dying for some slitten clothing – WHAT COULD BE BETTER!!? My bf told me that this weekend I was on a sloth – athon. I’d buy one as a gift and one myself yes yes bring em’ in if only they were real though D: damn for genetic malfuntion. Out of interest I see alot ……. and I mean ALOT of awesome wear, but alot of it I’ve realised is complete fiction and just an oasis of “cool” ideas so basically I’m asking where I can buy these things? :3

    P.S: ……… Just to let you know I’m very random and this was a sloth emoji (:3) <~ can you feel the love with me people!

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