Amazon Trekking

Just got back from a farewell for one of the boy’s cousins who is going to South America for 10 weeks starting next weekend. So jealous! She and her boyfriend are going to be trekking all over the Amazon and probably seeing all sorts of amazing wildlife, including sloths. They’ve promised me they will take pictures of any sloths they see.

One day, Sarah. One day.


Did You Know?

A sloth can turn its head almost 180 degrees, as it has an extremely flexible neck.

From the Nature Institute in New York:

The sloth’s neck is not only unique in its flexibility, but also in its anatomy. Mammals have seven neck (cervical) vertebrae. The three-toed sloth usually has nine and the two-toed sloth has between six and nine cervical vertebrae.slothheadrotate


Big Sloth

Bahhh vom. The boy is making me watch Big Brother because someone he knows was an intruder today. It’s so lame. I used to watch this show, and refused to this year. Don’t know what I ever saw in it.

But… he did make pizza for dinner… so… I ain’t mad.intruder

pizzaslothFrom OMGSlothsinSpace

Happy International Sloth Day!!


Sloth International Day was created by Foundation AIUNAU.


“[Sloth International Day] was created … to bring the world of sloths and their forest to the citizens/people as a process of sensibilization towards wildlife. It is important to get to know these species so special, these cryptic and shy beings that inspire us and awaken our tender feelings. There is a lot that sloths can teach us – respect, tenderness, joy, pacific share. Nevertheless, without consideration, in our lack of awareness, we harm them so much and bring their existence in danger of extinction.”