2015 is here!

Well, another year has left us in its wake. 2014 was a year of a lot of amazing things, including meeting sloths for the very first time (and hopefully not the last)! New Year’s Eve saw me go to a friend’s house for bubbly, BBQ, board games, and sparklers on the beach. Nothing over the top, just a bunch of laughter and good times with some wonderful friends. I hope all your evenings were special too.

slothfireworksFrom OMG Sloths in Space.

Okay so it’s January now… How did that happen? The new bed is getting delivered tomorrow morning so today is going to be disassembling the old one, washing new sheets etc getting ready for that, now that the boy and I are actually up (it’s midday…still have to have a shower…).

I think the best thing about this first day of 2015 is that I get to start using my Hangin’ with Sloths calendar! I flipped it open last night before bed (well, it was already today after all) and this morning woke up to Velcro’s gorgeous face! hanginwithslothsjanuary

Have a good 2015 everyone!


Unexpected holiday work

Unfortunately, even though I planned to have the whole couple of weeks off over Christmas and New Year’s, I had to go in for a big day at work today. My experiment was intended to run into January but it ended up being ready to go this week (and I couldn’t leave it). So procrastinating wasn’t an option… Boo.

9.5 hours later and I finished work, and now have another half day tomorrow. Lame. But next week I’m off for a whole week of relaxment. Yes.

procrastinateslothNorm The Sloth



Yesterday the boy and I had a catch up with some friends, one of which is housesitting this MASSIVE place, with tennis court, pool, etc. So yeah, we took advantage of that.

Had a swim, had some drinks, ate some chips, ordered some food, opened some presents.

The boy got given a selfie stick. Need I say more? Much frivolity was had. Also there was an inflatable flamingo. slothselfieSlothilda Sloth


The day after yesterday

Boxing day today. More family stuff for lunch coming up in a couple hours… not sure how much more food I can take. All part of the season I guess! But with a fridge full of leftovers already it’s too much! Okay. Better drag myself out of this Christmas hangover and go have a shower before it’s time to go…

happyholidays slothildaSlothilda.com


An evening baking gingerbread

Baked gingerbread cupcakes, topped with cinnamon frosting and a gingerbread tree cookie, for the work Christmas party tomorrow afternoon. They, smell, AMAZING. I didn’t have any spare cupcakes (it only made a dozen) so I have to trust myself they’re as good as the previous times I’ve baked them (which, is, very good). But I did have a few spare cookies… well, not so much anymore. They were there to mop up the excess frosting. Oh, dear.

I have to say though, it left a better taste in my mouth than I think this lil sloth has:


If anyone wants the recipe, feel free to hit me up, happy to share :)

Christmas shows a go

Last night was the Christmas dinner for the university School that I work in. It was alright, had a few drinks, a dance, and a three-course meal. Nice to get out of the office for a bit!

So got home pretty late last night then had to be at work by 9am this morning. Then had the break-up lunch for the group at SA Pathology that we collaborate with, which was a Spanish feast.

Now sitting here in my recliner (reclined), typing (obviously) and feeling pretty slothish! Next Friday is the lab dinner, and then I think that’s it work-wise… Social Sloth.