Vaccinations. Injections. Immunisations. Shots. Boo.

Today had three injections, one in each arm and one in my thigh, for three vaccinations to build immunity against six different diseases.

Of course, the injections sucked, and I’m now a bit achey, but it’s for a good reason – going overseas in three weeks! And I did get a lollypop, sooo…

One of the shots was the Flu vaccine, to hopefully prevent against the same thing happening to me as little Norm here…


Antarctic Vortex

Everyone’s a bit cold this weekend. South Australia’s not too bad, but over in the Eastern states it’s a bit chilly, complete with “thundersnow“. I’ve spent the day inside: had a sleep-in, did some laundry, tidied the house, and baked a couple cakes for the boy’s birthday week this week. Tonight we’re heading out for dinner with his family, so hopefully it isn’t too windy and miserable out there! The best thing about wild and “woolly” weather is being able to stay in my comfortable, warm bed, and listen to the wind and rain outside.


Image from Slothilda.

The Invigilator.

Got asked to supervise an undergrad test today. It was pretty weird! I haven’t sat an exam in a few years, but it was weird to be on the other side of it.

I had a look at the test as well. Don’t think I’d be able to do it. I think all that stuff exited my brain a long time ago.

laser slothImage credit: OMG Sloths in Space

Working up the motivation

This afternoon I’ve sat and watched three episodes of Buffy whilst doing sudoku and messing around on social media. Then I look at the clock and it’s 4pm and I haven’t really achieved much today… so now I’m about to do a bit of writing… yay. It’s taking much longer than I ideaFrom Slothilda.