The Invigilator.

Got asked to supervise an undergrad test today. It was pretty weird! I haven’t sat an exam in a few years, but it was weird to be on the other side of it.

I had a look at the test as well. Don’t think I’d be able to do it. I think all that stuff exited my brain a long time ago.

laser slothImage credit: OMG Sloths in Space

Working up the motivation

This afternoon I’ve sat and watched three episodes of Buffy whilst doing sudoku and messing around on social media. Then I look at the clock and it’s 4pm and I haven’t really achieved much today… so now I’m about to do a bit of writing… yay. It’s taking much longer than I ideaFrom Slothilda.


Polenta cucina

Went out for dinner for the boy’s Mum’s birthday tonight.Highly recommend this place.  A three-course FEAST of polenta, carpaccio, home-made pasta, gnocci, steak, more polenta, Italian donuts and chocolate ricotta gnocci, plus gorgeous Italian wine. It. Was. Amazing. nomnomnom