Happy International Sloth Day!!


Sloth International Day was created by Foundation AIUNAU.


“[Sloth International Day] was created … to bring the world of sloths and their forest to the citizens/people as a process of sensibilization towards wildlife. It is important to get to know these species so special, these cryptic and shy beings that inspire us and awaken our tender feelings. There is a lot that sloths can teach us – respect, tenderness, joy, pacific share. Nevertheless, without consideration, in our lack of awareness, we harm them so much and bring their existence in danger of extinction.”


Sloth GIFs are go

Now available for iPhone 5-6 with iOS8 is the new GIF keyboard by Riffsy. GIFs are great for expressing yourself anytime, but this app lets you search for any GIF out there.

Do you understand? THIS MEANS YOU CAN MESSAGE SLOTH GIFS TO ALL YOUR SLOTH FRIENDS. Do it. Spread the love. Spread the sloth.



Had to Walk the City-to-Bay “Fun” Run cus I’m such a Sloth

I walked 12km today. It was tough, and now I’m quite sore! The City-to-Bay was on and no I didn’t run it but as my friend was giving away a walking entry I decided to give it a go.

Did it in 2 hours too, which wasn’t bad I thought. Not sloth-like at all!

I hate running. A lot. And I never want to get “good” at it because it would mean putting myself through hell just to be able to do it, and why would I want to do something that makes me feel so much absolute shite!?exercisesloth


The next morning…

I went out with some fabulous friends last night; we had delicious gourmet pizza with a bottle of sav blanc, followed by a bottle of sparkling pinot noir at a cocktail lounge, followed by Midoris and beer at a pub playing a bunch of nineties music. It was such a good time! Great way to finish the week off. I love surrounding myself with people who are amazing company and in turn want my company as well. It’s a wonderful feeling!

This morning, however… it took a while for me to drag myself from under the covers, into the shower, and then I didn’t want to leave the hot shower, and then I took ages getting dressed and having breakfast, and now I’m posting at midday and haven’t even done anything yet. Oh dear. look