Survived my first week

It’s Friday night after my first week at my new job. It’s been… well… I’m so used to things at the Uni and just, like, being IN CONTROL, that coming to a place where I don’t know where anything is and pretty much starting from scratch is a bit overwhelming!

But it’s all good. I know eventually I’ll settle into this new place and new role and actually I am quite enjoying learning a bunch of new techniques and getting to interact with a lot of new people (although I am missing the old faces quite a bit).

It’s been a CRAZY few weeks, what with submitting my PhD thesis, finishing up at the Uni, going away on holiday and starting this new job. Now I’m hoping things will calm down a bit and I can get cracking on this next phase of my life!

empositivityfocusImage courtesy Emm’s Positivity Blog.


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