Missed the flight

So, right now, at this moment, I am supposed to be on a flight direct to Bali, Indonesia. But, as expected, it was cancelled this morning due to the volcanic ash cloud.

It’s hard not to be upset about it, at the very least, pissed off. And this is the week between me finishing my last job and starting a new one, so it’s not really possible to reschedule the holiday for a later date.

However, we managed to scrape together another trip instead! The airline changed our destination, and we booked a different hotel and all done. We lose a little bit of money, of course, but overall it’s not the worst outcome. And there’s no real risk of getting “stuck” over there like it would be if we went to Bali.

At the end of the day, I get to go somewhere WARM, and RELAX, and have a GOOD TIME! And be back in time for work next week with no stress or anxiety. primatography hibisucs

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