Brunch for sloths

Went out for brunch today with my lovely family.

You should always surround yourself with those who care about you and delight in your company. There is no greater joy in life.


“Slothlove” Book for preorder!

Sam Trull, the photographer, sloth rehabilitator (including being involved in the famous 1st-ever sloth C-section), and creator of my favourite blog Primatography (also on Tumblr) is now trying to publish her beautiful “Slothlove” photobook.

Slothlove is a 100-page art-and-photography book full of beautiful sloth photos, inspirational stories and interesting sloth facts.

“For Slothlove, I have compiled my absolute best sloth photos and paired them with inspirational stories of survival, heartbreaking tales of loss, and interesting sloth facts; my goals are to help people appreciate these amazing animals for more than their obvious cuteness and to inspire a desire to help protect all wildlife and natural habitats.”primatography foot

Through the crowd-funding site Inkshares, Slothlove is available to preorder NOW. Once the goal of $11,000 is reached (it’s already at 90%!) the book can be published. There’s only a week left, so GET ORDERING! Prices start at just $15. SLOTHLOVE Book rendering


Tea parties

It’s been a busy week with work and Fringe shows! I haven’t posted much recently :(

Today I hosted a small but lovely tea party with three beautiful girl friends to celebrate my impeding feliz cumpleanos! It was so nice to catch up with them and also I got to bake some goodies as well.

Here is some wall art of sloths at tea parties! I didn’t have all my sloths at my tea party, but, actually, that might be a good idea…



Also how cool would this little sloth be for infusing tea?TEASLOTH

You can order it here.


The month of March

I love March. The Fringe Festival, Adelaide Festival, my birthday, great weather…

This month we have a wedding to look forward to, the boy can’t wait for footy to start, and there’s even a public holiday thrown in there too.

Also the start of a new month means the start of a new sloth to adorn my wall! So for the next 31 days I get to look at the beautiful face of… Buttercup!!

marchslothP.S. I love Buzzfeed’s “day in the life” of Buttercup!