Comfy beds for sleepy sloths

The bed got delivered yesterday. But it was not a very good day…

The mattress got upstairs fine, but the base of the ensemble wasn’t going anywhere. The delivery guys just dumped it with us and now we have to get a refund and pay for return delivery. Oh well. So then we had to try and find a bed frame for the mattress as it would take up to 8 weeks for a (more expensive) split base.

A long trip to Ikea later, and we thought we had one picked. But then the stated dimensions of the mattress were bigger than the frame, meaning it wouldn’t fit. So we abandoned all plans there. Went home and actually measured the mattress, and it was slightly smaller than the stated dimensions, so it would¬†fit.

It was over 40 degrees yesterday, as it will also be today, so after all that we were pretty hot, tired and fed up. When we got invited to a family member’s house for a swim, we figured it was a good idea. It was. Then we looked at the time and it was 8:05pm, so we quickly dried off, went back to Ikea on the way home, grabbed the bed frame and a couple new side tables (with the frame sticking out our current ones wouldn’t fit anymore), and left Ikea at closing time 9pm. Got the flatpacks home and put the bed together all with help from the boy’s parents.

Finally, at 11:30pm, our bed was ready and we could make it with the new clean crisp white sheets. What a day. I guess it was worth it all though… the bed looks great and Doza and I (and the boy) had a wonderful sleep last night (despite the 30 degree overnight temperature)!


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