Husband and Sloth

Yesterday the boy and I got MARRIED. Yikes! It was the most incredible day. And our cake topper was sloths.

Now on to the honeymoon… in Costa Rica. This is going to be epic.

sloth cake topper

Here comes the sloth

This weekend I had my hen’s night and bridal shower! Beautiful days organised by beautiful ladies. Feel very lucky and very special. My bridesmaid organised personalised tattoos for the girls on the hen’s night, including sloth tats! And my Mum dressed up my Otaku Mode sloths as a bride and groom! Wonderful weekend. Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.52.15 PM Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.53.03 PM

4 weeks to go…!

So, the other thing that has kept me busy this last year, is that I am GETTING MARRIED. Last year, the Boy proposed, and we have been planning our wedding for in just under a month!!

It’s very exciting, and nerve-wracking, and a little stressful, but I just can’t wait! This little loved-up sloth is getting hitched!


I now pronounce you husband and sloth

Three weddings in three months. Three great parties with a bunch of wonderful people. It’s amazing to witness the love that people have for each other and see how they are willing to declare it in front of everyone, and commit to a lifetime together.

Yesterday’s celebration was held at a vineyard in the Riverland and it was gorgeous. Everyone looked amazing, including Doza! (Our little family is so matchy-matchy here, I love it!)wedding

Sloth Nail Art

I need to do my nails tonight in prep for tomorrow. Do you think something like this would be acceptable at a wedding?slothnailsSloth nail decals can be found here (sloth swag) and here (live slow) on Etsy.


Slove is in the air

It’s that time in my life where everyone around me is getting married. The 21sts were 5 years ago, the housewarmings were a couple years later, and now it’s all engagements, weddings, and the odd baby shower here and there. I get quite anxious when I think that I’m now older than my mum was when I was born!

The boy and I are invited to three weddings in the first three months of this year so far, and yesterday was the first of them. It was simple, low-key, with a garden cocktail party reception. Very nice. And I got to wear my new garden party cocktail dress. Winning.SRS_marriage

From Socially Responsible Sloth.

Wedding Sloth

Going to a wedding of some beautiful friends tomorrow evening. Really looking forward to it!



Step 2: Ooh and Ahh over the blissful couple

sloth-kissStep 3: Go to the Reception and drink a lot

falloverslothYep, it’s gunna be a good night for all us sloths.

Sloth Cake Decorating

On Saturday I went to the “Ultimate cake Decorating Course” and learned how to make beautiful things out of chocolate! I’m still eating it all. Not mine, but check out this GORGEOUS sloth cake topper below. Coincidence that my initial is S and my boyfriend’s is D? Hmm…



Also, I wish I had this to top ALL my desserts with:

sloth chocolate grinder