A Sloth, Needs a Beard

Went to see The Beards live at Jive in Adelaide last night. 4 albums full of songs about beards! So who wants to start The Sloths? Songs about sloths! All the time! What could be better!?

Here’s a few awesome pics of sloths with beards and beards with sloths. Nice.sloth beard

Teaching Times

I’ve been demonstrating and helping out with the undergrad practicals this semester. It’s only two weeks in and I’m exhausted! I haven’t done any of my own work and am definitely falling behind. Tonight I sat down (at 9:30pm) to do some marking, and realised I’d left everything at work. So that was useless. Feeling a bit run down! But just thinking of the (good) money that will come to me at the end of it. Short term pain, as they say. Might as well make me earn it!



Einsloth… By S.Watercolour.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the slothy Mums out there! My mum raised 4 kids pretty much on her own and I can’t thank her enough for the childhood I had.  I love her very much. mothersday