Sueño the Sloth

This is Sueño the Sloth. A fluffy, fuzzy, floppy Cuddlekins sloth, she and Perry live out their days together lazing about and giving cute little kisses when the kids aren’t looking. Sueño (pronouced “Ss-wen-yo”) is a beautiful lady, her fur is light tan, with a slight shimmer, due to the unique algal growths within it!

Sueno means “Dream” in Spanish.


Mikio the Sloth

Mikio the Sloth is a booty-shaking, bouncy young female, who is outgoing and very very friendly. Mikio likes to take her best girl Slowla out shopping and dancing, and she adores Kip even though he can be a bit of an embarrassment sometimes! Get this adorable Webkinz Plush here.

MIKIO means “Three trees together” in Japanese.

foursloths mikio


Doza Sloth


This is my very special friend, Doza Sloth. He was my first sloth, and so out of all of them he is the one that comes with me on holiday, the one who is allowed “sleepovers” in my bedroom (trust me, if they were all there I’d have to kick the boy out), and the only one to have his own Facebook account. He is a very easy going guy; as his name suggests he is often dozing but likes to have adventures sometimes too. Doza is not naughty, but he can sometimes be a bit cheeky! He likes to dance, and to cuddle, and to lounge around like “Hey, what’s goin’ on guys?”. He is a top bloke and a loving SNAG, and I love him to bits.

If you want your very own, you can get him here. Note: his very sharp tux (pictured) is not included; I got it from Build a Bear.