Big Sloth

Bahhh vom. The boy is making me watch Big Brother because someone he knows was an intruder today. It’s so lame. I used to watch this show, and refused to this year. Don’t know what I ever saw in it.

But… he did make pizza for dinner… so… I ain’t mad.intruder

pizzaslothFrom OMGSlothsinSpace

Costa Rica v Netherlands Google Doodle

The other day the Google Doodle featured a sloth for the Costa Rica vs Netherlands World Cup 2014 match! This speedy little sloth was good at defending! So were the Costa Rica side actually, but unfortunately they couldn’t get over the line in the end. soccerdoodleslothClick here for a link to the archived Doodle which was animated.


Car Races and Yoga

So Adelaide is home to The Clipsal for the next couple of days. It always brings out a few… interesting… characters. The boy scored a free ticket to a Corporate Suite so he is spending the day eating and drinking and not going to work (apart from a meeting this morning…). I can hear the cars (utes, I believe) from my office and am half glad, half sad, that I’m not there too. slothtirestiresaregoodInstead, I’m setting up a (somewhat big) experiment that I haven’t done before, and then going to yoga, and then going home and watching mah stories, perhaps with Mikio on my lap. GTs.chillax-sloth