Sloth Week

SLOTH WEEK was last week! (seriously, click the link, fantastic)

slothcloseupDid You Know:

Sloths do most things upside down- eat, sleep, mate and give birth- and because of this, most of their internal organs are in a different position to other mammals.


‘Straya Day Mate

Yesterday (Sunday) was Australia Day, which means that today (Monday) is a public holiday. We took a drive up into the Adelaide Hills for a gorgeous slothy lunch. Yesterday was filled with BBQ, friends, drinks, cricket, tennis, Triple J and more BBQ and drinks. sloth-selfie3

Merry Slothmas!

Merry slothy Christmas to all! Or whatever your preferred season’s greeting may be :) I have indeed had a very slothy Christmas thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, as you can see below. Meet Snoozan everyone! Eat lots, drink bubbly, be merry and celebrate those you love!