Almost fell asleep testing beds today

May be getting a new bed after Christmas. So today the boy and I went and got “tested” for our ideal mattress! It basically involved lying on this mechanical bed for about 5 minutes while it moved underneath us and “analysed” us. In the end we both had exactly the same ideal firmness etc (altogether now, awww…).

After that the salesman made us test a whole bunch of mattresses. I thought my current mattress was okay, but, wow. Nothing like these. So SOFT. Almost fell asleep a couple times, they were so amazing. Just the thing for sleepy sloths.

Hmmm. Dreading going to bed now on my inferior mattress. #sadface.
primatography hugFrom Primatography.


Bed to Myself

The boy’s gone away with with his other boys for the weekend. Sure, I’ll miss him, but I’m looking forward to some “me time” for the next couple of days. I’ll get the bed to myself! Well, apart from the other sixteen sloths who’ll be sharing it…dozy

Nightmare on Sloth Street

Second Halloween party last night. London ZooHaven’t been to a Halloween party in a few years, and this time got invited to two! They went all out with the decorations and Jack-o-Lanterns last night too, so it was quite impressive. Bit like this sloth from London Zoo! I wore a bright green wig and went as an alien this time around. So Halloween is (finally) over for another year, so I’ll leave you with this Nightmare on Sloth Street print available on Etsy.nightmare-sloth

That’s the thing about football

AFL Grand Final day today. I enjoyed it not so much because of the footy but because it’s a whole day of friends, drinks, food, sun and antics. Had a big lunch then got my cider on, followed by a walk to the beach with the girls, came back and watched the second half of football with the guys (Ok, Hawks well dominated Sydney, congrats for the second year in a row), then spent the rest of the day and evening hanging out. Felt very slothful and loving life. slothdirtsleep

Going Out Tonight…

I’ve got tickets to Departure at the Art Gallery of South Australia tonight. Looking forward to it! But also would love to go home and curl up and watch a movie. Is that bad? So antisocial. But so sleepy. Word to the wise: I prefer Saturday night shenanigans to Friday night funs. Too much work before hand and not enough sleeping. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA