Hens, chicks, and crickets

Long weekend just gone was a busy one! I haven’t posted at all, apologies…

Saturday was an all-day wine tour for a good friend’s hen’s day.

Sunday night I caught up with my best girl who’s just gotten back from a trip overseas. It was sooo good to see her! Had a HUGE Mexican dinner followed by a churros date at Chocolate Taperia.

Then Monday was Australia Day, and our group all spent the day together having a BBQ lunch, playing backyard cricket (new PB woooo) and having a few drinks whilst listening to the JJJ Hottest 100.

Life is better with friends :)


Locket the baby sloth

“[Locket’s] first moments in life were spent face down on a forest floor…covered in dirt and without his mother to clean him or feed him.”

Locket is one of the success stories of the Sloth Institute of Costa Rica, although other baby sloths aren’t so lucky. A first-hand write up on the “best and worst” of 2014 at the Sloth Institute can be read here. I encourage you to please go and check out this article and their website. Sloths aren’t just a cute little face and funny mannerisms. They need our love and support to be around for generations to come.

primatography baby locketImage from Primatography.com


Sloth gets a C-Section to save baby

The Kids Saving the Rainforest Sanctuary in Costa Rica found an injured pregnant sloth after she fell out of a tree:

The sloth was badly injured… The baby had breached, or flipped over in the mother’s uterus. The only way to save it was to remove it via a C-section. The 30-minute procedure saved both the mother and child’s lives, although the baby sloth is currently struggling with some lung problems. This is the first known sloth C-section.csectionsloth2Csectionsloth

Read the entire article here.

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend

Today is the boy’s birthday! We had friends over last night, have spent all day together today and will see family tonight. He is the cherry on top of my sloth-filled life and I love him so very very much, not least for putting up with this all-consuming obsession of mine (and, generally, encouraging it…).

To get into the party mood, here’s some pics of Buttercup the Sloth on her birthday, from the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica. buttercupbirthday buttercupbirthday2

The Ultimate Sloth Gift Guide

Having trouble finding a gift for the sloth lover in your life? With Christmas fast approaching, you’ll need to be quicker than a sloth if you want to get them that present they will treasure for many long, slow years. Here’s a short guide to my top ten picks.

Number 10: Sloth Art by Tara Billinger– These plus many more!
SlothArt byTara

Number 9: Sloth Socks from Sockittome.com

Number 8: Sloth Love Mug from Cafe Press

Number 7: “The Croods” movie

Number 6: “A Little Book of Sloth” by Lucy Cooke

Number 5: Sloth Flip T-shirt- “Ask me why I’m lazy”lazytshirt

Number 4: “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said the Sloth” by Eric Carle

Number 3: Sloth rings from Etsy

Number 2: Three Toed Sloth toy from Amazon

AND NUMBER ONE: If your recipient simply has everything already, why not make a donation on their behalf to the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, to help rehabilitate injured sloths and return them to the wild. climbinggif

Happy shopping, and Merry Christmas!

International Sloth Day

Last Saturday was International Sloth Day. A day to reflect on all things slow, steady, sleepy, and yawny. Sloths in fact have a lot of hardship despite their adorably cute faces. Victims of illegal trafficking, road accidents, and destruction of habitat, the life of a wild sloth these days is not good. But there are some organisations out there working tirelessly to protect this beautiful creature. See: http://www.aiunau.org/en/ and http://www.slothsanctuary.com/

sloth international day