Busy sloth = sick sloth

It’s been a pretty full on week, this one just gone. Apart from a busy week of work (I’ve now been there for a month!), a number of events took place this week:

Last Monday night saw Australia get its fifth prime minister in as many years. On Tuesday my brother graduated from two of his university degrees. On Thursday some good things happened, PhD-wise. (But I’m not announcing that yet, so stay tuned!) On Friday I went out to dinner with a handful of peeps from the Uni lab – was good to catch up with them! Also on Friday, the boy drove to Melbourne AGAIN to see the Crows take on Hawthorn in the AFL Semi Final… but this time they weren’t so successful. So it would have been a disappointing 8 hour drive home on Saturday. Saturday I got to see my sister and her boyfriend, plus my gorgeous niece, and we went to Bounce Inc and had a v. good time! Sunday the boy and I went to his Aunt’s for a family BBQ lunch.

So it’s been go-go-go lately, and now… now I’m SICK! GAH! Bad cough and sore throat! Stayed home from work today. As I write this, I’m in my study on the spare bed – the sloth bed – sitting amongst them all. Hoping they can make me feel better soon :(


Image courtesy Primatography.

Sad things happened this week.

Few bad and sad things have happened this week.

In my world, someone close to me crashed her car on Wednesday. She’s okay, relatively speaking, but needed surgery on a broken bone last night. So I visited her in hospital this afternoon and will go again tomorrow morning. Hopefully she gets better quickly.  I chose this little sloth (Monster, courtesy of Primatography) to post today, because she is holding a pair of glasses, which reminded me of this person who I treasure so much.



In the wider world, we woke up to the terrible news this morning of the tragic passing of Phil Walsh, coach of the Adelaide Crows AFL team. The boy was particularly affected by his death, as he is quite close to the Club. What a horrible thing to happen.

…Things like this just make you remember how precious life is. It should never be taken for granted.


So, I know I’ve been SUPER SLACK with the blog this last month :( Just say it, I was being very SLOTHFUL. A lot, and yet not a lot, has happened!

Now that I’m getting towards the end of my PhD, I’ve been spending days at home here and there writing my thesis and making adjustments to it. I had my third journal article accepted (woot!) and so that basically completes my thesis by publication. Just putting it all together and getting it edited, etc. When I do go into the lab it isn’t for very long days anymore, although I am still doing a little lab work.

The boy and I also booked a tropical holiday for when I finish, in just over a month! Can’t wait! After that… well stay tuned 😉

To make up for my severe sloppiness in posts this month, here’s an adorable lil babeh sloth (Chuck, again, how CUTE is he..!?) from Primatography to keep you all happy. slothlove