Student sloth no more!


That’s it! I’m PhDONE!! I now have to wait a couple months to hear the result. SUCH a good feeling. Little Slumbert climbed my mountain of theses (?thesises?) this morning before I finalised everything. thesissloth

I haven’t posted a lot recently as I’ve been trying to finish it all off.

I have two days left at the lab. I cleaned off my lab bench on Monday, and a colleague swooped in that afternoon to claim it (I had an awesome window seat). Everything is now either in a box to take to my new job, or at home. I had a secret hoard of free stationery from trade displays – no way was I sharing that!

This weekend I’ve booked a flight to Bali, but the volcano Mt Raung is being a big pain in the ASS. Would love to be able to just change all the bookings but probably we would lose money in the process. Will have to wait and see at this stage, and try and change it in the meantime. So I should be looking forward to my holiday but it’s all very uncertain at this point. Anyway.

But today was a GOOD DAY. I submitted, I got fairy floss for lunch, and then I went home and binge-watched Mad Men (I finished OITNB). The boy is taking me to dinner tonight – I think I’ll have a couple glasses of bubbly to celebrate!!

Elaize the Sloth

This is my sloth friend Elaize. She is a wonderful Mum (to Moe), super cuddly and soft, and likes to sit and watch reality shows about cooking, renovating and crafts.

This Aurora toy is available on Amazon!elaize

I now pronounce you husband and sloth

Three weddings in three months. Three great parties with a bunch of wonderful people. It’s amazing to witness the love that people have for each other and see how they are willing to declare it in front of everyone, and commit to a lifetime together.

Yesterday’s celebration was held at a vineyard in the Riverland and it was gorgeous. Everyone looked amazing, including Doza! (Our little family is so matchy-matchy here, I love it!)wedding

A nice and slow Sunday night

After a big sleep-in this morning, some housework in high-30 degree heat and going into work… this evening Slowla and I have been enjoying a cup of tea, a couple cheeky mint chocolates, and yelling at contestants on reality television.

The simple things.


MKR_slothPS. My pajama shorts are better than yours.

Gardening sloths

Today went and visited Grandma. She got some work done in her garden. I managed to get out of most of it! I also salvaged a hibiscus cut from the bush for my little friend Doza to enjoy in his favourite place above the bed :)hibiscus

Snoozan the Sloth

Snoozan. A shy little sloth, who doesn’t really know how to talk to strangers. But once you befriend her, she can talk your ear off for hours! She loves to watch animated movies with you and her arms are always open for a little hug. Snoozan is made to order, and you can get her from Etsy :)photo 3


Slothmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve. I’ve spent the day making salads, cakes, trifles, and now I’m in my sloth Christmas sweater and getting ready to go see family for dinner. It’s been a whirlwind couple of days, full of light-looking, finishing off work for the year and having a big lunch with my boss, and getting ready for tomorrow.

Sometimes you need to take a time-out to remember what it’s all about.

I’ll leave you with a couple pictures of my sloth tree this year, complete with 18 sloths, and topped with Napolean. Only one more sleep until Father Slothmas comes!

slothtreesarah napolean tree

Xena the Sloth

Xena is a little bit unpredictable. She can be quiet one minute and full of beans the next! But you can’t help but love her. :) If you like the look of this little sloth, grab it from Amazon

The name Xena comes from the word “Xenarthra“, the superorder of placental mammals which includes tree sloths as well as their cousins armadillos and anteaters. It means “strange joints”, as the vertebral joints of these animals have extra articulations and are unlike any other mammal (xenarthry).


I know, I know. This sloth is actually called Belt from The Croods. But, well, I like to personalise my sloths with their own unique natures.