Goodbye to the Seaside

We are off home from the week by the sea. It’s been a lovely week of beaches, swimming, reading, watching movies, wineries, markets, food and good company. So nice to get away and relax for a bit! Did get a little work done but most of all feel like I’ve recharged the batteries a little. Ready to get back to work and into it, and get the PhD done. I’ll leave you with a little snapshot of Doza looking out towards the reef down here. (He’s not a big fan of getting wet!)



This is my little tiny sloth named Ashleep. SHE COMES IN HER VERY OWN HANDBAG. She is small, and quiet, and only makes a little meep every now and again when she wants a tiny little hug. Take care of her!Ashleep sloth Ashleep with bag


Get Ashleep here!

Sir Algernon the Sloth

Make way for your sloth knight in (slimy?) armor, Sir Algernon!

Coming from Cuddly Critters on Amazon or eBay, Sir Algernon is an old and wise sloth who is prone to taking naps in the middle of a sentence. This loveable Grandfather sloth is happy to sit and watch game shows, soapies, and old-timey movies with you and is very fond of a cuddle.

Where does the name Algernon come from? Sloths are known for growing an entire ecosystem in their fur as they move so slowly. In particular, algae grows and is used by the sloth for camouflage and to feed their young.

The “Sir” part of Algernon’s name, as well as him looking quite regal, comes from herealgernon