Xena the Sloth

Xena is a little bit unpredictable. She can be quiet one minute and full of beans the next! But you can’t help but love her. :) If you like the look of this little sloth, grab it from Amazon

The name Xena comes from the word “Xenarthra“, the superorder of placental mammals which includes tree sloths as well as their cousins armadillos and anteaters. It means “strange joints”, as the vertebral joints of these animals have extra articulations and are unlike any other mammal (xenarthry).


I know, I know. This sloth is actually called Belt from The Croods. But, well, I like to personalise my sloths with their own unique natures.


How to Train Your Sloth

It was great going out for dinner with my good friend last night. We talked for hours, shared a bottle of wine, and just had a really fantastic catch-up. Then I got home late and my sloths were all waiting for me in the bedroom so I just had to put a movie on for them. We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2, which I’d seen when it was in cinemas, but was just as good on small screen. Seriously, if you’ve never seen the first one, you NEED to get on it. My favourite animated film of all time. That’s right, ahead of all Disney films even. slothdragon

Sloth Dragon by S. Watercolour