2016 is here.

Another year gone and left us in its wake. 2015 has been good to me – I got my PhD and started my first professional job, plus had a couple trips away and of course spent the year surrounded by family and friends.

On New Year’s Eve my degree was conferred and I was officially awarded the title of Doctor, so 2016 starts with a new title, new degree, and gainful employment!

Now that it’s New Year’s Day I can finally start using my new Sloths 2016 Calendar!! Up first in January is little Pumpkin!2016_calendarcalendar_january

2015 is here!

Well, another year has left us in its wake. 2014 was a year of a lot of amazing things, including meeting sloths for the very first time (and hopefully not the last)! New Year’s Eve saw me go to a friend’s house for bubbly, BBQ, board games, and sparklers on the beach. Nothing over the top, just a bunch of laughter and good times with some wonderful friends. I hope all your evenings were special too.

slothfireworksFrom OMG Sloths in Space.

Okay so it’s January now… How did that happen? The new bed is getting delivered tomorrow morning so today is going to be disassembling the old one, washing new sheets etc getting ready for that, now that the boy and I are actually up (it’s midday…still have to have a shower…).

I think the best thing about this first day of 2015 is that I get to start using my Hangin’ with Sloths calendar! I flipped it open last night before bed (well, it was already today after all) and this morning woke up to Velcro’s gorgeous face! hanginwithslothsjanuary

Have a good 2015 everyone!