Almost fell asleep testing beds today

May be getting a new bed after Christmas. So today the boy and I went and got “tested” for our ideal mattress! It basically involved lying on this mechanical bed for about 5 minutes while it moved underneath us and “analysed” us. In the end we both had exactly the same ideal firmness etc (altogether now, awww…).

After that the salesman made us test a whole bunch of mattresses. I thought my current mattress was okay, but, wow. Nothing like these. So SOFT. Almost fell asleep a couple times, they were so amazing. Just the thing for sleepy sloths.

Hmmm. Dreading going to bed now on my inferior mattress. #sadface.
primatography hugFrom Primatography.


Happy Birthday Mumsie

My Mum reads (and likes on Facebook) every single one of my posts on here. So this is a post just for her, on her birthday.

Happy birthday Mumsie, I’m thankful for everything that you have given me, sacrificed for me, let me get away with, and done for me throughout my life.

I love you very much.


Sick Little Sloth

Poo. I’m unwell. Just a cold, but still sucks. So stayed home from work today and currently watching Sex and the City marathon with all my sloths. Ugh. So stuffy. Need hugs :(hug