Unexpected holiday work

Unfortunately, even though I planned to have the whole couple of weeks off over Christmas and New Year’s, I had to go in for a big day at work today. My experiment was intended to run into January but it ended up being ready to go this week (and I couldn’t leave it). So procrastinating wasn’t an option… Boo.

9.5 hours later and I finished work, and now have another half day tomorrow. Lame. But next week I’m off for a whole week of relaxment. Yes.

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The day after yesterday

Boxing day today. More family stuff for lunch coming up in a couple hours… not sure how much more food I can take. All part of the season I guess! But with a fridge full of leftovers already it’s too much! Okay. Better drag myself out of this Christmas hangover and go have a shower before it’s time to go…

happyholidays slothildaSlothilda.com



I’m in PARIS! After 24 hours in transit the boy and I have arrived in Europe to start a 4 week (working) holiday. Our first stop is Paris for a few nights. We got to the Louvre this afternoon and ate at a tiny French restaurant (€17.50 for 3 course meal, oui, sil vou plait!!).

Doza slept in my lap the entire journey on the plane. Here he is watching French “Who wants to be a Millionaire?” With his new little backpack, perfect for traveling.

And now, it is time for sleep.


‘Straya Day Mate

Yesterday (Sunday) was Australia Day, which means that today (Monday) is a public holiday. We took a drive up into the Adelaide Hills for a gorgeous slothy lunch. Yesterday was filled with BBQ, friends, drinks, cricket, tennis, Triple J and more BBQ and drinks. sloth-selfie3