A Sloth in Sydney

Last night the Boy and Doza and I got back from 6 days away in Sydney, NSW. A welcome break from all the paperwork I’ve been doing over the last few weeks.

We went to the theatre (twice), went shopping, lunched with friends, hiked around Manly, and even climbed the Harbour Bridge! It was an exhausting holiday! But a great week away.


A (not-so) slothy holiday

This week hasn’t been so much relaxing as I originally planned, but it’s been FUN! Themeparks and rollercoasters and shows etc. I was pretty skeptical about the rollercoasters but I had a huge grin plastered on my face like a five-year-old the entire time!

BUT. AS WE ALL KNOW. The BEST thing that happens when you go on a trip away, is seeing RANDOM SLOTHS! (Like this one on my last trip away.) Tonight we went to a diner for dinner, and THIS was on the wall. (Get it here.)

So good.


Missed the flight

So, right now, at this moment, I am supposed to be on a flight direct to Bali, Indonesia. But, as expected, it was cancelled this morning due to the volcanic ash cloud.

It’s hard not to be upset about it, at the very least, pissed off. And this is the week between me finishing my last job and starting a new one, so it’s not really possible to reschedule the holiday for a later date.

However, we managed to scrape together another trip instead! The airline changed our destination, and we booked a different hotel and all done. We lose a little bit of money, of course, but overall it’s not the worst outcome. And there’s no real risk of getting “stuck” over there like it would be if we went to Bali.

At the end of the day, I get to go somewhere WARM, and RELAX, and have a GOOD TIME! And be back in time for work next week with no stress or anxiety. primatography hibisucs

From Primatography.

Happy Easter Sloth Friends!

It’s Easter Sunday today! Started with a family brunch complete with croissants, hot cross buns, sparkling moscato, and chocolate eggs of course. slothandrabbit

My little cousins also made Easter cards for the boy and I.

I got a card with a sloth coming out of an Easter egg, did you?


Working up the motivation

This afternoon I’ve sat and watched three episodes of Buffy whilst doing sudoku and messing around on social media. Then I look at the clock and it’s 4pm and I haven’t really achieved much today… so now I’m about to do a bit of writing… yay. It’s taking much longer than I anticipated.no ideaFrom Slothilda.


Goodbye to the Seaside

We are off home from the week by the sea. It’s been a lovely week of beaches, swimming, reading, watching movies, wineries, markets, food and good company. So nice to get away and relax for a bit! Did get a little work done but most of all feel like I’ve recharged the batteries a little. Ready to get back to work and into it, and get the PhD done. I’ll leave you with a little snapshot of Doza looking out towards the reef down here. (He’s not a big fan of getting wet!)


Beachy Slothy Holiday

This week I am staying in a beach house with the boy and his family. I’ve just got back from a couple hours of beautiful swimming, sun baking and cider at the gorgeous beach down here. Doza took the opportunity to have, well, a doze. The warm weather makes him quite snoozy.

Usually when the boy and I go away somewhere it’s all go-go-go with things to do and places to see, so I’m really looking forward to having a week where we don’t do very much and just have a nice relaxing time reading, swimming, lounging and eating/drinking.

*sigh* I will also probably do some writing for my thesis. The sooner it gets done the sooner it will be finished! Some nice logic for you there… But I won’t force myself. Need this nice recharging time.

primatography hammockImage from Primatography.