It’s My Birthday and I’ll Sleep if I Want To

Yesterday was my birthday. I had a busy day at work, but did get very spoilt by family and friends.

So here is the big news:
The boy is organizing for me to MEET A SLOTH. Pet it, feed it, interact with it. I am BESIDE MYSELF. As they only allow two people at a time, once a month, I have to wait until July at this stage. And if it shuns you, you have to leave. If I get shunned by the sloth I will literally cry. Watch this space, it’s going to be AMAZING.


Wedding Sloth

Going to a wedding of some beautiful friends tomorrow evening. Really looking forward to it!



Step 2: Ooh and Ahh over the blissful couple

sloth-kissStep 3: Go to the Reception and drink a lot

falloverslothYep, it’s gunna be a good night for all us sloths.

International Sloth Day

Last Saturday was International Sloth Day. A day to reflect on all things slow, steady, sleepy, and yawny. Sloths in fact have a lot of hardship despite their adorably cute faces. Victims of illegal trafficking, road accidents, and destruction of habitat, the life of a wild sloth these days is not good. But there are some organisations out there working tirelessly to protect this beautiful creature. See: and

sloth international day