Slothy Evolution

More slothy info for you all! Apparently, sloth evolution wasn’t so… well, SLOTHY… after all. More than 50 different sloth species used to exist! Can you imagine!!?? Now there’s only 6 left.

In times past, there was actually a trend towards sloths evolving to be LARGER over a very short period of time, but due to various unknown events in history,  the only sloths that survived to modern day are those that were small and that lived in the trees. Here’s the link to the Journal Article in BMC Evolutionary Biology, or the lay summary of sloth evolution by IFLS, or a short snippet and pics on Buzzfeed.

Sad Sloth

Feeling a bit down in the dumps today. The job that I do can be pretty ruthless to people who want to actually have a career. *sigh* Pick yourself up, girl!


Costa Rica v Netherlands Google Doodle

The other day the Google Doodle featured a sloth for the Costa Rica vs Netherlands World Cup 2014 match! This speedy little sloth was good at defending! So were the Costa Rica side actually, but unfortunately they couldn’t get over the line in the end. soccerdoodleslothClick here for a link to the archived Doodle which was animated.


Origami Sloths

slothcardboardThese origami sloths look so cool! Here’s how to make them, or there are a few “how to” videos on You Tube if you search for them.



Boxing Day

Aww, Christmas is all done for another year. It’s the day after Boxing Day and I stocked up on next year’s wrapping paper, tinsel and lights.