Feel like some baking this weekend?

These look amazing! I probably won’t bake any sloth cupcakes this weekend unfortunately, but I thought I might try macarons again. The first (and only) time I tried them, they tasted good, but looked awful. I think I might try and perfect them if I have time in the next two days. About time I learned a new technique. Me thinks chocolate is the way to go. slothcupcakes1 slothcupcakes2

A Sloth in Paris

Oh wow, it’s been so long since I posted :(

I’m sorry! After Paris, the wi-fi for the rest of the trip wasn’t that great, and then I got back and have been SO BUSY trying to catch up I just hadn’t got around to posting before now. Also I missed Sloth Week! Last week! Gah! Oh well. From now on I promise I’ll be more diligent in keeping you up to date.

Here’s a few more pics of Doza in Paris. This place was so old and lovely and just different from anything I’ve ever seen. I hope I get the chance to go back there one day. DozaParis DozaLouvreThe other amazing thing about Paris was the BAKED GOODS. So many chocolate croissants and baguettes and cakes and macarons and crepes and just everything was so AMAZING! I had pancakes for breakfast on Sunday and it just wasn’t the same…

This giant macaron was called a “macarola”.DozaMacarona


‘Straya Day Mate

Yesterday (Sunday) was Australia Day, which means that today (Monday) is a public holiday. We took a drive up into the Adelaide Hills for a gorgeous slothy lunch. Yesterday was filled with BBQ, friends, drinks, cricket, tennis, Triple J and more BBQ and drinks. sloth-selfie3