Wardrobe emergencies

I have a lot of clothes. But sometimes, you just can’t find the right thing to wear. Take tonight for example.

It’s still warm from the day, so I really wanted to wear a dress. But it was also raining today, so the ground is wet. So both heels and sandals are out (heels will sink, sandals will make my toes dirty from mud). And as I’ve got quite stumpy legs, I don’t like wearing flats with dresses. In addition, it will probably get colder as the evening wears on I need to wear a jacket but I don’t have one that is the right combination of stylish, suited to the outfit, and warm. So I’ve completely redone the outfit I was wearing and now I’m in my Levi’s, ballet flats, and a little jacket to cover my shoulders, but taking a bigger jacket that I can replace it with if need be.


Happy Birthday Mumsie

My Mum reads (and likes on Facebook) every single one of my posts on here. So this is a post just for her, on her birthday.

Happy birthday Mumsie, I’m thankful for everything that you have given me, sacrificed for me, let me get away with, and done for me throughout my life.

I love you very much.


How to Train Your Sloth

It was great going out for dinner with my good friend last night. We talked for hours, shared a bottle of wine, and just had a really fantastic catch-up. Then I got home late and my sloths were all waiting for me in the bedroom so I just had to put a movie on for them. We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2, which I’d seen when it was in cinemas, but was just as good on small screen. Seriously, if you’ve never seen the first one, you NEED to get on it. My favourite animated film of all time. That’s right, ahead of all Disney films even. slothdragon

Sloth Dragon by S. Watercolour

Rowling along

Started reading JKR’s pseudonym novel (under Robert Galbraith) The Cuckoo’s Calling today. Don’t normally go for crime stories but in this case I can make an exception :)chocslothsHP Trolley Witch with Chocolate Sloths! By S. Watercolour.