Doctor of Philososloth

Yesterday was my graduation ceremony for my PhD degree. PhinisheD! I got to wear the puffy bonnet hat that is part of the PhD academic attire, walk in the academic procession at the start of the ceremony, and sit on stage facing the audience and the undergraduate students. Then my thesis title was read out and I finally got my parchment.

After, we had some photos etc, and… the boy pulled out my Doza, who was sporting his very own academic gown and mortarboard! You could say he has gotten his… Di-slow-ma…

(Diploma, obviously. Ok. Sorry.)IMG_0434

Dozing in the snow

I have been home now for just over 2 weeks. The trip was AMAZING, even the work part was really interesting and relevant to my own research. I captured this shot of Doza on the last day, looking out from our balcony. He didn’t mind the snow, but preferred to be snuggled up near the furnace 😉IMG_0225

Slothing with some sloths

I’ve spent at least half the day making Easter chocolates. They look great! 3D hearts in a combination of dark, milk and (pastel-coloured) white chocolate in cute little gift bags. But I only have one mould, so it took me quite a long time unfortunately as I had to wait for each one to set before melting some more chocolate to do the next one, etc.

So now I’ve left the boy to make dinner, and I’m having some well-earned R&R time with Doza and Snorman, watching the Great British Bake Off , blogging, and having a cup of cinnamon tea. bakeoffsloth

Seriously. Best boyfriend ever.

This was my birthday present from my boyfriend (well, part of it, he is also taking me on a long weekend away next month). A sloth for him, and a sloth for me! I didn’t ask for it, I never mentioned anything about it, he just did it off his own bat. And I’m sure he wouldn’t be sleeping on sloths if he wasn’t with me. He just knew that I would love it and wanted to make me happy. He definitely succeeded.

Thank you darling, I love you!


I now pronounce you husband and sloth

Three weddings in three months. Three great parties with a bunch of wonderful people. It’s amazing to witness the love that people have for each other and see how they are willing to declare it in front of everyone, and commit to a lifetime together.

Yesterday’s celebration was held at a vineyard in the Riverland and it was gorgeous. Everyone looked amazing, including Doza! (Our little family is so matchy-matchy here, I love it!)wedding

Gardening sloths

Today went and visited Grandma. She got some work done in her garden. I managed to get out of most of it! I also salvaged a hibiscus cut from the bush for my little friend Doza to enjoy in his favourite place above the bed :)hibiscus

Goodbye to the Seaside

We are off home from the week by the sea. It’s been a lovely week of beaches, swimming, reading, watching movies, wineries, markets, food and good company. So nice to get away and relax for a bit! Did get a little work done but most of all feel like I’ve recharged the batteries a little. Ready to get back to work and into it, and get the PhD done. I’ll leave you with a little snapshot of Doza looking out towards the reef down here. (He’s not a big fan of getting wet!)


Beachy Slothy Holiday

This week I am staying in a beach house with the boy and his family. I’ve just got back from a couple hours of beautiful swimming, sun baking and cider at the gorgeous beach down here. Doza took the opportunity to have, well, a doze. The warm weather makes him quite snoozy.

Usually when the boy and I go away somewhere it’s all go-go-go with things to do and places to see, so I’m really looking forward to having a week where we don’t do very much and just have a nice relaxing time reading, swimming, lounging and eating/drinking.

*sigh* I will also probably do some writing for my thesis. The sooner it gets done the sooner it will be finished! Some nice logic for you there… But I won’t force myself. Need this nice recharging time.

primatography hammockImage from Primatography.


Comfy beds for sleepy sloths

The bed got delivered yesterday. But it was not a very good day…

The mattress got upstairs fine, but the base of the ensemble wasn’t going anywhere. The delivery guys just dumped it with us and now we have to get a refund and pay for return delivery. Oh well. So then we had to try and find a bed frame for the mattress as it would take up to 8 weeks for a (more expensive) split base.

A long trip to Ikea later, and we thought we had one picked. But then the stated dimensions of the mattress were bigger than the frame, meaning it wouldn’t fit. So we abandoned all plans there. Went home and actually measured the mattress, and it was slightly smaller than the stated dimensions, so it would fit.

It was over 40 degrees yesterday, as it will also be today, so after all that we were pretty hot, tired and fed up. When we got invited to a family member’s house for a swim, we figured it was a good idea. It was. Then we looked at the time and it was 8:05pm, so we quickly dried off, went back to Ikea on the way home, grabbed the bed frame and a couple new side tables (with the frame sticking out our current ones wouldn’t fit anymore), and left Ikea at closing time 9pm. Got the flatpacks home and put the bed together all with help from the boy’s parents.

Finally, at 11:30pm, our bed was ready and we could make it with the new clean crisp white sheets. What a day. I guess it was worth it all though… the bed looks great and Doza and I (and the boy) had a wonderful sleep last night (despite the 30 degree overnight temperature)!