Locket the baby sloth

“[Locket’s] first moments in life were spent face down on a forest floor…covered in dirt and without his mother to clean him or feed him.”

Locket is one of the success stories of the Sloth Institute of Costa Rica, although other baby sloths aren’t so lucky. A first-hand write up on the “best and worst” of 2014 at the Sloth Institute can be read here. I encourage you to please go and check out this article and their website. Sloths aren’t just a cute little face and funny mannerisms. They need our love and support to be around for generations to come.

primatography baby locketImage from Primatography.com


Please help save baby sloths from deformities

The incidence of congenital disorders in the wild sloth population appears to be increasing, and the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica want to do something about it. The deformities have all been similar; missing fingers/toes, malformed ears and misshapen limbs.



The deformities are likely to be a result of inbreeding due to habitat destruction and their subsequent confinement to isolated islands. The Sanctuary is working frantically to save these little babies, but also needs to find out whether a lack in genetic diversity is the cause, so steps can be taken to reduce the effects. You can help out, as I have, by donating here to cover some of the costs of this scientific research.

What is the ideal habitat for a sloth?

In a study published last month in PLOS One by Mendes and colleagues, researchers examined the distribution of maned sloths in South America, and found that their habitat was restricted to the coastline of Brazil. journal.pone.0110929.g002This area is “between 0 and 2,349.86 m of altitude, with an annual temperature between 8.5 and 19.4°C, and an annual precipitation between 753.01 and 2,592.0 mm”. However, the amount of suitable habitat for the maned sloth may (worryingly) be lost in the coming years due to different factors such as deforestation.

Not only [should] conservation actions should be taken in the protected areas, but also they are dearly needed to restore and reconnect the surrounding habitats and other important ones where maned sloth is known.

If you would like to help in rainforest conservation and hence the maintenance of the maned sloth’s population, you can make a donation to the Amazon Conservation Association or the World Land Trust’s Atlantic Rainforest Projectbradypus_torquatus

The Ultimate Sloth Gift Guide

Having trouble finding a gift for the sloth lover in your life? With Christmas fast approaching, you’ll need to be quicker than a sloth if you want to get them that present they will treasure for many long, slow years. Here’s a short guide to my top ten picks.

Number 10: Sloth Art by Tara Billinger– These plus many more!
SlothArt byTara

Number 9: Sloth Socks from Sockittome.com

Number 8: Sloth Love Mug from Cafe Press

Number 7: “The Croods” movie

Number 6: “A Little Book of Sloth” by Lucy Cooke

Number 5: Sloth Flip T-shirt- “Ask me why I’m lazy”lazytshirt

Number 4: “Slowly, Slowly, Slowly Said the Sloth” by Eric Carle

Number 3: Sloth rings from Etsy

Number 2: Three Toed Sloth toy from Amazon

AND NUMBER ONE: If your recipient simply has everything already, why not make a donation on their behalf to the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica, to help rehabilitate injured sloths and return them to the wild. climbinggif

Happy shopping, and Merry Christmas!

Donate and Become a Sloth!

I post a lot of pictures from Shitty Watercolour, who paints watercolours of which many involve sloths. At this moment, he is raising money by playing video games for as close to 25 hours as he can manage. If you, as I did, donate $15 or more, then he will draw you as a sloth! I can’t wait to see myself in sloth form! If you would like to support S. and the Children’s National Hospital, you can do so here. While we are waiting patiently for our sloth portraits to arrive, enjoy this short film by S. on sloth facts, together with cute little watercolours.