My Sloth Christmas jumper arrived!!!

This came in the mail today! Just in time, Amazon decided to re-stock their small men’s size and, although it’s a bit baggy on me, and it’s now Summer in the southern hemisphere, I LOVE IT. I’ve been sitting here this evening in my sloth Christmas sweater, wrapping presents. I was going to put carols on but the boy stopped me on that one. Only 10 days to go!slothjumper

Christmas shows a go

Last night was the Christmas dinner for the university School that I work in. It was alright, had a few drinks, a dance, and a three-course meal. Nice to get out of the office for a bit!

So got home pretty late last night then had to be at work by 9am this morning. Then had the break-up lunch for the group at SA Pathology that we collaborate with, which was a Spanish feast.

Now sitting here in my recliner (reclined), typing (obviously) and feeling pretty slothish! Next Friday is the lab dinner, and then I think that’s it work-wise… Social Sloth.




The Sloth Gift Guide 2014

It’s December! And that means it’s time to get onto your Chrissy shopping if you haven’t yet. Last year I posted the Ultimate Sloth Gift Guide, but each year more weird and wonderful sloth-related products and experiences seem to come into existence, so here’s my top-ten pick for 2014.

Number 10: Sloth Tops has you completely covered on this front… literally. This Majestic Sloth top is one of my favs.majesticsloth

Number 9: Sloth Wall Calendar for 2015

Lucy Cooke’s noble quest to make sloths part of everyone’s lives takes us into the future with her Hanging With Sloths calendar for 2015. The added bonus of seeing baby sloths on your wall all year round.


Number 8: Sloth Art

Etsy delivers the goods on this one. This beautiful sloth watercolour is absolutely fabulous.


Number 7: Sloth Hat

When you’re lazing around (or not?) this totally cute sloth hat is ideal for keep those little slothy ears warm.slothhat

Number 6: Sloth Clocks

Sloths have a habit of being late! Nothing wrong with that, but if you need to know the time and want to do it in lazy style, this funky vintage sloth clock (slock? cloth?) will set you right.  slothclock

Number 5: Sloth Onesie

For the intense sloth lover, you can’t go past this all-over sloth onesie from Kigurumi. Ideal for lounging, lazing, and sleeping… a sloth’s favourite activities. slothonesie

Number 4: Sloth Jewellery

Carry a little sloth close to your heart with this gorgeous sloth necklace from Etsy.


Or, if you want some finger bling, the sloth wrap-around ring is hard to beat. slothring

Number 3: Sloth Toy

Fancy your own Sueno or Duermo? This Wild Republic sloth is one of the most popular world-wide and you can cuddle him/her to your heart’s content.slothtoycuddlekin

Number 2: Meet the Sloths Series

Chill out one afternoon (or many) and have a marathon of Meet the Sloths. The amount of gasping, Aww exclaiming and heart-melting you will experience is like no other.


Number 1: Adopt a Sloth

Get the real deal through the World Wildlife Fund. You won’t get to take a sloth home, but you will be contributing to the conservation and maintenance of sloths everywhere, so that they can be around to enjoy for generations to come.


And finally…

Don’t forget to wrap your sleepy presents in some sloth wrapping paper, and send a sweet snoozy message on some sloth Christmas cards like these ones from Night Owl Paper Goods.


Happy holidays!

Summer’s almost here!

Today was a good day. We visited a gorgeous baby boy and had a cuddle. We put our Christmas tree up (and the sloth’s tree upstairs, stay tuned). We made an amazing Summer salad (with haloumi, peaches, prosciutto and more) for dinner, and had gingerbread icecream for dessert. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Summer and Christmas. Except that my tree theme this year is “frosty”. OH! And I have a colour-changing snowflake tree-topper. It’s the best. sloth

Online shopping and me are totally biffles

Yes, so, Christmas is coming, and I’m about halfway through my Christmas shopping. So far, all except for two things have been purchased online, from the comfort of my couch/bed, with them being sent straight to my door ready for wrapping and putting under the tree (when it eventually goes up).

No busy crowds, no messy lines, no “Oh but your catalogue said you had it in stock! Better drive to another shop”… seriously, it’s the only way to do it. Mainly, the only things I don’t buy online these days are electronics and toys, and that’s mainly due to ease of return. Oh and clothes for myself. And shoes. But OTHER THAN THAT, internet. The best way to go. internetsloth

Sunny Saturday

Had a lovely day today. Went out to breakfast this morning and had green eggs and ham! (eggs, spinach and crispy prosciutto.) Then a walk to the beach. Grocery shopping, followed by a trip to the shops to get some clothes on sale. Then home for BBQ dinner.

Started my Christmas shopping this week… two months to go! Eek!

sloth with baby

Boxing Day

Aww, Christmas is all done for another year. It’s the day after Boxing Day and I stocked up on next year’s wrapping paper, tinsel and lights.


Merry Slothmas!

Merry slothy Christmas to all! Or whatever your preferred season’s greeting may be :) I have indeed had a very slothy Christmas thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, as you can see below. Meet Snoozan everyone! Eat lots, drink bubbly, be merry and celebrate those you love!