Husband and Sloth

Yesterday the boy and I got MARRIED. Yikes! It was the most incredible day. And our cake topper was sloths.

Now on to the honeymoon… in Costa Rica. This is going to be epic.

sloth cake topper

Tea parties

It’s been a busy week with work and Fringe shows! I haven’t posted much recently :(

Today I hosted a small but lovely tea party with three beautiful girl friends to celebrate my impeding feliz cumpleanos! It was so nice to catch up with them and also I got to bake some goodies as well.

Here is some wall art of sloths at tea parties! I didn’t have all my sloths at my tea party, but, actually, that might be a good idea…



Also how cool would this little sloth be for infusing tea?TEASLOTH

You can order it here.


Baking and caking and making

In the last week I’ve baked cupcakes with cinnamon frosting and gingerbread, currently in the middle of making truffles (they have to chill for half hour), and in a couple days will be preparing my Christmas-themed chocolate and vanilla cake (I’m on desserts this year). It’s the most wonderful time of the year… my house smells of salted caramel at the moment.

If only I was talented enough to make some of these… everyone would be getting an edible sloth present for their birthdays/Christmas.

__9256427_orig MetalSloth sloth-cake-pops

An evening baking gingerbread

Baked gingerbread cupcakes, topped with cinnamon frosting and a gingerbread tree cookie, for the work Christmas party tomorrow afternoon. They, smell, AMAZING. I didn’t have any spare cupcakes (it only made a dozen) so I have to trust myself they’re as good as the previous times I’ve baked them (which, is, very good). But I did have a few spare cookies… well, not so much anymore. They were there to mop up the excess frosting. Oh, dear.

I have to say though, it left a better taste in my mouth than I think this lil sloth has:


If anyone wants the recipe, feel free to hit me up, happy to share :)

Feel like some baking this weekend?

These look amazing! I probably won’t bake any sloth cupcakes this weekend unfortunately, but I thought I might try macarons again. The first (and only) time I tried them, they tasted good, but looked awful. I think I might try and perfect them if I have time in the next two days. About time I learned a new technique. Me thinks chocolate is the way to go. slothcupcakes1 slothcupcakes2

Sloth Cake Decorating

On Saturday I went to the “Ultimate cake Decorating Course” and learned how to make beautiful things out of chocolate! I’m still eating it all. Not mine, but check out this GORGEOUS sloth cake topper below. Coincidence that my initial is S and my boyfriend’s is D? Hmm…



Also, I wish I had this to top ALL my desserts with:

sloth chocolate grinder


Sloth Cake

When I turned 21, my Mum made me a sloth cake. It was the best present she could have given me. Doza Sloth helped me cut it, too!

sloth cake sloth cake cut