Diego Saves the Sloth

Sammy the Sloth has fallen asleep on a tree branch during a big windstorm. It’s up to Diego to save the day! Come along with Diego as he flies through the rainforest to rescue his sleepy friend…watch out for the Bobo Brothers on the way! This story includes exciting facts about sloths. Book available on Amazon.


Sleepyhead Sloth

My first sloth book, Sleepyhead Sloth! Such a cute little picture book! Get it here.

There’s sloth and sled and slush and sleek. There’s slug and slide and slap and sleep.There’s slip and slope and slug and sly. There’s slice and slow and slink, oh my!


Life of Pi

Watch the first scene of “Life of Pi”. On 3D Blu-ray if possible (or at least in HD). BAM. Sloth.

The author of the book, Yann Martel, is fascinated by sloths, and this is reflected in his writing.

Sometimes I got my majors mixed up. A number of my fellow religious-studies students – muddled agnostics who didn’t know which way was up, who were in the thrall of reason, that fool’s gold for the bright – reminded me of the three-toed sloth; and the three-toed sloth, such a beautiful example of the miracle of life, reminded me of God.

You can get a hard copy of the book here, or the ebook for Kindle or iBooks.