A slothy birthday to me!

Today is my birthday. I have to admit, it’s kind of snuck up on me this year! The boy has planned a nice, lovely day for us – lunch at an Italian restaurant and a movie at the outdoor cinema tonight. party sloth

Polenta cucina

Went out for dinner for the boy’s Mum’s birthday tonight.Highly recommend this place.  A three-course FEAST of polenta, carpaccio, home-made pasta, gnocci, steak, more polenta, Italian donuts and chocolate ricotta gnocci, plus gorgeous Italian wine. It. Was. Amazing. nomnomnom

Seriously. Best boyfriend ever.

This was my birthday present from my boyfriend (well, part of it, he is also taking me on a long weekend away next month). A sloth for him, and a sloth for me! I didn’t ask for it, I never mentioned anything about it, he just did it off his own bat. And I’m sure he wouldn’t be sleeping on sloths if he wasn’t with me. He just knew that I would love it and wanted to make me happy. He definitely succeeded.

Thank you darling, I love you!


Tea parties

It’s been a busy week with work and Fringe shows! I haven’t posted much recently :(

Today I hosted a small but lovely tea party with three beautiful girl friends to celebrate my impeding feliz cumpleanos! It was so nice to catch up with them and also I got to bake some goodies as well.

Here is some wall art of sloths at tea parties! I didn’t have all my sloths at my tea party, but, actually, that might be a good idea…



Also how cool would this little sloth be for infusing tea?TEASLOTH

You can order it here.


The month of March

I love March. The Fringe Festival, Adelaide Festival, my birthday, great weather…

This month we have a wedding to look forward to, the boy can’t wait for footy to start, and there’s even a public holiday thrown in there too.

Also the start of a new month means the start of a new sloth to adorn my wall! So for the next 31 days I get to look at the beautiful face of… Buttercup!!

marchslothP.S. I love Buzzfeed’s “day in the life” of Buttercup!