Sloth gets a C-Section to save baby

The Kids Saving the Rainforest Sanctuary in Costa Rica found an injured pregnant sloth after she fell out of a tree:

The sloth was badly injured… The baby had breached, or flipped over in the mother’s uterus. The only way to save it was to remove it via a C-section. The 30-minute procedure saved both the mother and child’s lives, although the baby sloth is currently struggling with some lung problems. This is the first known sloth C-section.csectionsloth2Csectionsloth

Read the entire article here.

From the Montreal Biodome: baby sloth ultrasound

From CBC News Montreal:

“A six-year-old sloth, who became a favourite at Montreal’s Biodome during her rehabilitation from a broken leg suffered as a youngster, is now an expectant mother. The sloth underwent an ultrasound this week, a video of which was released on YouTube. …Few two-toed sloths births have been documented, according to the Biodome, but the gestation period is around 11 months.”sloth-ultrasound-biodome

Going Out Tonight…

I’ve got tickets to Departure at the Art Gallery of South Australia tonight. Looking forward to it! But also would love to go home and curl up and watch a movie. Is that bad? So antisocial. But so sleepy. Word to the wise: I prefer Saturday night shenanigans to Friday night funs. Too much work before hand and not enough sleeping. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA