Another day off

Well my boss gets back this week. And I’ve actually got some experiments planned. So I’ll have to show my face a bit more now, after having at least a day off a week for the last three weeks. It’s been good to have some recharging time; I’ve slothed it a little bit, getting some things done in terms of chores and writing, but mostly just taking it easy. The boy’s been a bit jealous. (Sorry honey!) mumandbabysloth


So, I know I’ve been SUPER SLACK with the blog this last month :( Just say it, I was being very SLOTHFUL. A lot, and yet not a lot, has happened!

Now that I’m getting towards the end of my PhD, I’ve been spending days at home here and there writing my thesis and making adjustments to it. I had my third journal article accepted (woot!) and so that basically completes my thesis by publication. Just putting it all together and getting it edited, etc. When I do go into the lab it isn’t for very long days anymore, although I am still doing a little lab work.

The boy and I also booked a tropical holiday for when I finish, in just over a month! Can’t wait! After that… well stay tuned 😉

To make up for my severe sloppiness in posts this month, here’s an adorable lil babeh sloth (Chuck, again, how CUTE is he..!?) from Primatography to keep you all happy. slothlove

Out of action…

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. This last week has been thesis, thesis, thesis. As you can imagine, staring at the computer all day… you just want a rest once the day’s done.

On the plus side, I’ve finished the first full draft of my entire thesis. My second primary paper has been resubmitted with revisions. I’ve written an article for the uni science magazine. It’s been busy!

Going to try and post a little bit more over the next few days to make up for my slackness! (Hey, call it sloth-like.)slothlook