Locket the baby sloth

“[Locket’s] first moments in life were spent face down on a forest floor…covered in dirt and without his mother to clean him or feed him.”

Locket is one of the success stories of the Sloth Institute of Costa Rica, although other baby sloths aren’t so lucky. A first-hand write up on the “best and worst” of 2014 at the Sloth Institute can be read here. I encourage you to please go and check out this article and their website. Sloths aren’t just a cute little face and funny mannerisms. They need our love and support to be around for generations to come.

primatography baby locketImage from Primatography.com


Beachy Slothy Holiday

This week I am staying in a beach house with the boy and his family. I’ve just got back from a couple hours of beautiful swimming, sun baking and cider at the gorgeous beach down here. Doza took the opportunity to have, well, a doze. The warm weather makes him quite snoozy.

Usually when the boy and I go away somewhere it’s all go-go-go with things to do and places to see, so I’m really looking forward to having a week where we don’t do very much and just have a nice relaxing time reading, swimming, lounging and eating/drinking.

*sigh* I will also probably do some writing for my thesis. The sooner it gets done the sooner it will be finished! Some nice logic for you there… But I won’t force myself. Need this nice recharging time.

primatography hammockImage from Primatography.