A (not-so) slothy holiday

This week hasn’t been so much relaxing as I originally planned, but it’s been FUN! Themeparks and rollercoasters and shows etc. I was pretty skeptical about the rollercoasters but I had a huge grin plastered on my face like a five-year-old the entire time!

BUT. AS WE ALL KNOW. The BEST thing that happens when you go on a trip away, is seeing RANDOM SLOTHS! (Like this one on my last trip away.) Tonight we went to a diner for dinner, and THIS was on the wall. (Get it here.)

So good.


Hannakin Sloth Prints

I love seeing sloths when I am out and about! It just puts the biggest smile on my face knowing a) that there are people out there after my own heart and b) that sloths are putting a little bit of joy into others’ lives.

Whilst in Melbourne, stumbled upon a little market on Sunday morning. Little stall selling gorgeous archival prints and greeting cards. I spotted a few whimsical sloths among them!

hannakinsuitcase You can get these print from Hannakin’s Shop on Etsy.

From left: I Don’t Mind if we Fly or Fall, Children of the Glade, To the Wind.