Kristen Bell’s Sloth Meltdown

I saw this ages ago and thought it was about time it got posted on this site. I don’t blame Kristen Bell for reacting the way she did; I probably would have done the exact same thing if a SLOTH was in my house!



David Attenborough

David Attenborough is one of my heroes. I’ve always loved his work, his voice, his mannerisms, his wonderful way of looking at life. I was given his autobiography, “Life Stories” (hardcover or audiobook), as a present and was delighted to find that his first chapter was dedicated to his favourite animal, the sloth.

Clip from The Life of Mammals.

Life of Pi

Watch the first scene of “Life of Pi”. On 3D Blu-ray if possible (or at least in HD). BAM. Sloth.

The author of the book, Yann Martel, is fascinated by sloths, and this is reflected in his writing.

Sometimes I got my majors mixed up. A number of my fellow religious-studies students – muddled agnostics who didn’t know which way was up, who were in the thrall of reason, that fool’s gold for the bright – reminded me of the three-toed sloth; and the three-toed sloth, such a beautiful example of the miracle of life, reminded me of God.

You can get a hard copy of the book here, or the ebook for Kindle or iBooks.