Peach Kitty Slothy Time

The boy and I spent the evening playing Super Mario 3D World on WiiU. I was so good at it… In this “family” game, the characters get kitty cat suits. So I was Princess Peach, in a pink cat suit! The best. princess peach


But you know what would b the best EVER? Sloth suits. Although that would make finishing within the time limit hard…sloth crown

Sloth Football League

Went to the footy at Adelaide Oval tonight. Doza snuck along too! He even sported (see what I did there) a new guernsey just for the occasion. It was a little fast-paced for him but I think he got the gist. Took him a while to realise that the siren had gone and unfortunately our team lost though. Oh well. I think sloths would like a game more like golf, or lawn bowls… something that puts you to sleep…dozafootball

Stranded Sloth

You are a sloth. You’ve climbed onto the wrong branch and have become prey! You are now at the bottom of the food chain. The only way to defend yourself is to throw faeces at the attackers! Download for iPhone and iPad.


Epic Mario Kart Battles

My house is currently the location of an epic Mario Kart 8 battle between me and a bunch of guys. I’m so bad, but then, it’s probably because I drive like a sloth. Also I haven’t got anything more useful than stupid mushroom boosts. More blue shells plz. SlothGamer_illustration

Note: I realise the sloth in this drawing is holding more of what looks like an Xbox controller, no offence to Nintendo intended….

Bob the Sloth Tips Germany to Win the World Cup

I don’t really get into soccer very much (at all), and since Costa Rica got eliminated from the World Cup, even less. But when a sloth is involved in tipping, you just know I’ll be on board! Wonder if he will be correct this time?

Also, can I please have a sloth to make decisions for me???

For a link to the story on Bob the Sloth and also the video of his tipping for the finals, click here.bob-the-sloth

Costa Rica v Netherlands Google Doodle

The other day the Google Doodle featured a sloth for the Costa Rica vs Netherlands World Cup 2014 match! This speedy little sloth was good at defending! So were the Costa Rica side actually, but unfortunately they couldn’t get over the line in the end. soccerdoodleslothClick here for a link to the archived Doodle which was animated.


“Adopt a Sloth” App

Have you ever wanted to adopt the cutest wild animal on the planet? The cuddle creatures are making their glorious debut on the tablet platform. With adorable animations and lots of interactive features, you can now adopt a baby girl or boy sloth and care for it—feed, wash, potty-train and kiss goodnight your little pet. Sloths are irresistible and ever since Lucy Cooke’s vimeo hit “Meet The Sloths,” they have been taking the world by storm. The app also includes “Lucy’s Hut,” a hub filled with interesting facts, photographs, articles and videos on all things sloth.

Download it here!