Leonard Street

There’s a shop that I’ve found in Ebenezer Place in Adelaide – Leonard St. Online store here. It has a bunch of clothes with this distinct sloth print, tops, pants, dresses, bags, even shoes. Pretty pricey, but worth a look!Leonard St

Spooky Sloths

Here’s to all you spooky sloths hitting the streets to fill your tummies with tasty treats. I do hope that someone dresses up as a sloth. I love the effort by Super Sloth on Instagram with her hand-made knitted sloth costumes!costumesupersloth

However, if you don’t have the skills, patience, materials or will to make one for yourself, you can pick up a similar one from Kigurumi.

Have fun, be scary, don’t get eaten by zombies, and have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


Cartoon courtesy Liz Climo.