Chin Up!

I’m doing my PhD in cancer biology. At the moment, not everything is going according to plan (as is the way in Science!), so I’m feeling a bit demotivated right now. This sloth makes my day a bit brighter!



A Sloth in Evening Wear

I went to a ball last night! I ate, drank, and danced the night away all in the name of charity. Doza Sloth came with me to the hotel. He looked so dapper in his tux, here with me in my gown. He was too tired to actually come to the ball with me, so just had a quiet one with the minibar for company!


Doza Sloth


This is my very special friend, Doza Sloth. He was my first sloth, and so out of all of them he is the one that comes with me on holiday, the one who is allowed “sleepovers” in my bedroom (trust me, if they were all there I’d have to kick the boy out), and the only one to have his own Facebook account. He is a very easy going guy; as his name suggests he is often dozing but likes to have adventures sometimes too. Doza is not naughty, but he can sometimes be a bit cheeky! He likes to dance, and to cuddle, and to lounge around like “Hey, what’s goin’ on guys?”. He is a top bloke and a loving SNAG, and I love him to bits.

If you want your very own, you can get him here. Note: his very sharp tux (pictured) is not included; I got it from Build a Bear.

Sloths are mah jam

Well, this is my first ever blog post. My ever-enduring boyfriend has set this all up for me, so hopefully I can figure out how everything works!

On the surface, I’m a fairly easy-going girl in her mid-twenties, currently doing a PhD, I like baking and girly things and curling up with a glass of wine to watch a movie.

But ever since I was about 13-14, I’ve had this weird obsession with SLOTHS. I have no idea how it started, or why I got so hooked, but I simply cannot get enough of these adorable creatures! For a long time, I was alone; most people I spoke to didn’t even know what they were, and simply looked at me weird. But recently, it seems that more and more people are realising the beauty that is the slow and steady nature of the sloth.

I liked them before they were cool.