Hannakin Sloth Prints

I love seeing sloths when I am out and about! It just puts the biggest smile on my face knowing a) that there are people out there after my own heart and b) that sloths are putting a little bit of joy into others’ lives.

Whilst in Melbourne, stumbled upon a little market on Sunday morning. Little stall selling gorgeous archival prints and greeting cards. I spotted a few whimsical sloths among them!

hannakinsuitcase You can get these print from Hannakin’s Shop on Etsy.

From left: I Don’t Mind if we Fly or Fall, Children of the Glade, To the Wind.


Tea parties

It’s been a busy week with work and Fringe shows! I haven’t posted much recently :(

Today I hosted a small but lovely tea party with three beautiful girl friends to celebrate my impeding feliz cumpleanos! It was so nice to catch up with them and also I got to bake some goodies as well.

Here is some wall art of sloths at tea parties! I didn’t have all my sloths at my tea party, but, actually, that might be a good idea…



Also how cool would this little sloth be for infusing tea?TEASLOTH

You can order it here.


Sloth Nail Art

I need to do my nails tonight in prep for tomorrow. Do you think something like this would be acceptable at a wedding?slothnailsSloth nail decals can be found here (sloth swag) and here (live slow) on Etsy.


Sloth Giclee Print

I don’t know how to feel about this one. The skeleton sloth looks relatively happy. Still, if you’re into that sort of thing, pick it up here on Etsy.threeslothsprintetsy

Sloth Craft Boxes

I’m missing Summer Camp this year. Whilst I’m stuck at work (and two days in it’s already busy busy busy…), I’m imagining all the fun all the girls are having. Maybe one year one of the crafts should be cute little craft gift boxes like these li’l slothy ones!

sloth craft boxesFrom Amazon.


The Sloth Gift Guide 2014

It’s December! And that means it’s time to get onto your Chrissy shopping if you haven’t yet. Last year I posted the Ultimate Sloth Gift Guide, but each year more weird and wonderful sloth-related products and experiences seem to come into existence, so here’s my top-ten pick for 2014.

Number 10: Sloth Tops

BelovedShirts.com has you completely covered on this front… literally. This Majestic Sloth top is one of my favs.majesticsloth

Number 9: Sloth Wall Calendar for 2015

Lucy Cooke’s noble quest to make sloths part of everyone’s lives takes us into the future with her Hanging With Sloths calendar for 2015. The added bonus of seeing baby sloths on your wall all year round.


Number 8: Sloth Art

Etsy delivers the goods on this one. This beautiful sloth watercolour is absolutely fabulous.


Number 7: Sloth Hat

When you’re lazing around (or not?) this totally cute sloth hat is ideal for keep those little slothy ears warm.slothhat

Number 6: Sloth Clocks

Sloths have a habit of being late! Nothing wrong with that, but if you need to know the time and want to do it in lazy style, this funky vintage sloth clock (slock? cloth?) will set you right.  slothclock

Number 5: Sloth Onesie

For the intense sloth lover, you can’t go past this all-over sloth onesie from Kigurumi. Ideal for lounging, lazing, and sleeping… a sloth’s favourite activities. slothonesie

Number 4: Sloth Jewellery

Carry a little sloth close to your heart with this gorgeous sloth necklace from Etsy.


Or, if you want some finger bling, the sloth wrap-around ring is hard to beat. slothring

Number 3: Sloth Toy

Fancy your own Sueno or Duermo? This Wild Republic sloth is one of the most popular world-wide and you can cuddle him/her to your heart’s content.slothtoycuddlekin

Number 2: Meet the Sloths Series

Chill out one afternoon (or many) and have a marathon of Meet the Sloths. The amount of gasping, Aww exclaiming and heart-melting you will experience is like no other.


Number 1: Adopt a Sloth

Get the real deal through the World Wildlife Fund. You won’t get to take a sloth home, but you will be contributing to the conservation and maintenance of sloths everywhere, so that they can be around to enjoy for generations to come.


And finally…

Don’t forget to wrap your sleepy presents in some sloth wrapping paper, and send a sweet snoozy message on some sloth Christmas cards like these ones from Night Owl Paper Goods.


Happy holidays!