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Jumbo Sloth

Oh. My. LAWD. Did you ever see something so magnificent as this super jumbo plush sloth??!!?? I need this in my life.

From Otaku Mode.

If he is simply toooo jumbo for you, this place has a variety of mini, medium, and big sloths. From firsthand experience, they are ultra-cuddly and super-cute!

jumbo 2 jumbo

A (brief) hiatus

I’mmmm baaaaack!

After a brief hiatus (okay, maybe 9 months isn’t THAT brief) I’m back and ready to sloth blog my way to the rainforest.

Gah, sorry all.

I began post-doctoral work back in August 2015 and I just got busier, and busier, and the posts started slowing down, and eventually it got to a point where it was hard to come back. But the last couple of months I’ve seen a little explosion of sloth love in social media etc and realised how much I missed this!

No promises, but I am gunna try REAL HARD to be more prolific here!

Thanks for keeping with me :)aamilnesloth

Doctor of Philososloth

Yesterday was my graduation ceremony for my PhD degree. PhinisheD! I got to wear the puffy bonnet hat that is part of the PhD academic attire, walk in the academic procession at the start of the ceremony, and sit on stage facing the audience and the undergraduate students. Then my thesis title was read out and I finally got my parchment.

After, we had some photos etc, and… the boy pulled out my Doza, who was sporting his very own academic gown and mortarboard! You could say he has gotten his… Di-slow-ma…

(Diploma, obviously. Ok. Sorry.)IMG_0434

Dozing in the snow

I have been home now for just over 2 weeks. The trip was AMAZING, even the work part was really interesting and relevant to my own research. I captured this shot of Doza on the last day, looking out from our balcony. He didn’t mind the snow, but preferred to be snuggled up near the furnace 😉IMG_0225