Back to work…

I spent the last 4 days at a conference. Work, yes, but in a beautiful coastal town in country Victoria, Australia. Did manage to fit in a little beach time! Back to work today AND… it was tough.

Image credit: Slothilda


Jumbo Sloth

Oh. My. LAWD. Did you ever see something so magnificent as this super jumbo plush sloth??!!?? I need this in my life.

From Otaku Mode.

If he is simply toooo jumbo for you, this place has a variety of mini, medium, and big sloths. From firsthand experience, they are ultra-cuddly and super-cute!

jumbo 2 jumbo

A (brief) hiatus

I’mmmm baaaaack!

After a brief hiatus (okay, maybe 9 months isn’t THAT brief) I’m back and ready to sloth blog my way to the rainforest.

Gah, sorry all.

I began post-doctoral work back in August 2015 and I just got busier, and busier, and the posts started slowing down, and eventually it got to a point where it was hard to come back. But the last couple of months I’ve seen a little explosion of sloth love in social media etc and realised how much I missed this!

No promises, but I am gunna try REAL HARD to be more prolific here!

Thanks for keeping with me :)aamilnesloth