Sloth saved from highway in Ecuador

Poor little scared sloth! But still so smiley!

I think I’ve been “tagged” in some version of this story about a dozen times since it happened just under a week ago, so here it is:

Motorists were reportedly brought to a standstill by the cute sloth, who was spotted clinging to a road barrier in the middle of a highway on Sunday. The transit police rescued the cute creature and took it to a veterinarian. The rescued sloth has become an internet sensation, being reported around the globe.

Ecuador sloth 1 Ecuador sloth 2

Crawling out of work on a Friday like

slothcomingBut it’s okay, I’ve got next week off! Heading interstate for some super fun times! After the amount of grant writing and preliminary experiments I’ve crammed into the last couple of weeks, it will be good to get away from it all for a bit.

2016 is here.

Another year gone and left us in its wake. 2015 has been good to me – I got my PhD and started my first professional job, plus had a couple trips away and of course spent the year surrounded by family and friends.

On New Year’s Eve my degree was conferred and I was officially awarded the title of Doctor, so 2016 starts with a new title, new degree, and gainful employment!

Now that it’s New Year’s Day I can finally start using my new Sloths 2016 Calendar!! Up first in January is little Pumpkin!2016_calendarcalendar_january