Please remember – they are more than just a cute face.

As The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica has recently reminded us in a poignant and well written reflection, sloths are more than just a cute face. These amazing creatures are constantly under threat from habitat destruction, powerlines, and smugglers. Babies are often left orphaned and, if they are lucky, they end up in the hands of a place like TSI. But even then it is not smooth sailing. Some beautiful little sloths that I have posted about on this website, such as Locket, Chuck, and Paddington, have not made it, despite initial hope.

Please, if you know someone who is a lover of sloths, consider “adopting” a sloth in place of a Christmas present this year, so places like the Sloth Institute and the Sloth Sanctuary can keep up the very important work that they do with these beloved animals.  littlesloth3

Leonard Street

There’s a shop that I’ve found in Ebenezer Place in Adelaide – Leonard St. Online store here. It has a bunch of clothes with this distinct sloth print, tops, pants, dresses, bags, even shoes. Pretty pricey, but worth a look!Leonard St

Stoner Sloth

So, there’s a new ad campaign from the New South Wales government trying to discourage people from smoking marijuana – “You’re worse on weed”, with the character and hashtag #StonerSloth.


The website (for more gifs etc) is here, but Buzzfeed’s write up is much more on point.

Sloth Cards

It’s that time of year again… the hectic shopping, the crowds, the empty wallet… don’t forget to take time out and remember what the season is really about – BEING A SLOTH!

Spotted today in Presence gift shop – Slothy cards to give your loved ones!sloth cards1