Lonely Planet Costa Rica

How cool is it that the Lonely Planet travel guide for Costa Rica has a cute wee babeh sloth on the book cover?! I spied one in the window of an outdoorsy shop this afternoon. LonelyPlanetScreen Shot 2015-09-24 at 9.32.57 pm

If you’re interested in reading up about Costa Rica, the book is available here!

Busy sloth = sick sloth

It’s been a pretty full on week, this one just gone. Apart from a busy week of work (I’ve now been there for a month!), a number of events took place this week:

Last Monday night saw Australia get its fifth prime minister in as many years. On Tuesday my brother graduated from two of his university degrees. On Thursday some good things happened, PhD-wise. (But I’m not announcing that yet, so stay tuned!) On Friday I went out to dinner with a handful of peeps from the Uni lab – was good to catch up with them! Also on Friday, the boy drove to Melbourne AGAIN to see the Crows take on Hawthorn in the AFL Semi Final… but this time they weren’t so successful. So it would have been a disappointing 8 hour drive home on Saturday. Saturday I got to see my sister and her boyfriend, plus my gorgeous niece, and we went to Bounce Inc and had a v. good time! Sunday the boy and I went to his Aunt’s for a family BBQ lunch.

So it’s been go-go-go lately, and now… now I’m SICK! GAH! Bad cough and sore throat! Stayed home from work today. As I write this, I’m in my study on the spare bed – the sloth bed – sitting amongst them all. Hoping they can make me feel better soon :(


Image courtesy Primatography.


The boy went away for the weekend and is getting back tonight. Which means that the rest of us had a big sleepover!



Sloth in the City picture book

This is such a cute little book by Charlotte Zappulla! Sloth in the City is about Stanley the sloth, who just moved to New York City.

This slow sloth in the big city is looking for a place he will fit in!

Sloth in city

You can get it here!

Temperature affects food intake in brown-throated sloths

Sloths have one of the lowest metabolic rates of any mammal, and are therefore thought to have low rates of food ingestion.

A study published by Becky Cliffe et al in April (article link here) further shows that food consumption in brown-throated sloths is significantly affected by temperature, with increased consumption at higher temperatures.

We suggest that the known fluctuation of sloth core body temperature with ambient temperature affects the rate at which gut fauna process digesta, allowing for increased rates of fermentation at higher temperatures.