Missed the flight

So, right now, at this moment, I am supposed to be on a flight direct to Bali, Indonesia. But, as expected, it was cancelled this morning due to the volcanic ash cloud.

It’s hard not to be upset about it, at the very least, pissed off. And this is the week between me finishing my last job and starting a new one, so it’s not really possible to reschedule the holiday for a later date.

However, we managed to scrape together another trip instead! The airline changed our destination, and we booked a different hotel and all done. We lose a little bit of money, of course, but overall it’s not the worst outcome. And there’s no real risk of getting “stuck” over there like it would be if we went to Bali.

At the end of the day, I get to go somewhere WARM, and RELAX, and have a GOOD TIME! And be back in time for work next week with no stress or anxiety. primatography hibisucs

From Primatography.

Methane production…in sloths…

I wasn’t going to write up about this Journal article published in June, as the results basically confirm what is already known/suspected about sloths:

“These results corroborate literature reports on low intake, low defecation frequency [and] low metabolic rate…in other sloth species.”

But then this caught my attention:

“In spite of the low food intake and the low-fibre diet…methane production was rather high…”

So, turns out, sloths got gas.



Student sloth no more!


That’s it! I’m PhDONE!! I now have to wait a couple months to hear the result. SUCH a good feeling. Little Slumbert climbed my mountain of theses (?thesises?) this morning before I finalised everything. thesissloth

I haven’t posted a lot recently as I’ve been trying to finish it all off.

I have two days left at the lab. I cleaned off my lab bench on Monday, and a colleague swooped in that afternoon to claim it (I had an awesome window seat). Everything is now either in a box to take to my new job, or at home. I had a secret hoard of free stationery from trade displays – no way was I sharing that!

This weekend I’ve booked a flight to Bali, but the volcano Mt Raung is being a big pain in the ASS. Would love to be able to just change all the bookings but probably we would lose money in the process. Will have to wait and see at this stage, and try and change it in the meantime. So I should be looking forward to my holiday but it’s all very uncertain at this point. Anyway.

But today was a GOOD DAY. I submitted, I got fairy floss for lunch, and then I went home and binge-watched Mad Men (I finished OITNB). The boy is taking me to dinner tonight – I think I’ll have a couple glasses of bubbly to celebrate!!